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This is just a little insight into the Fish Heads on Big Fish Acres, it's our little piece of paradise in Northern Minnesota...come on in....


Mike and Kim began in music doing more traditional bluegrass almost 30 years ago. since that time they have realized that some of their best music made together has been just two guitars and two voices, in duet format. Though they LOVE playing with all sorts of musical friends, and the band , this is a little slice of what they do best. So when no one else is around, this is what you might hear. Our good friends Craig Evans and Geoff Shannon did a high def video and audio in the field of the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music festival awhile back and these are a couple of songs they recorded. It's not all of what we do, but when you think of Mike and Kim, we hope that we'll be doing what we do best together.


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